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tomcat keystore 파일 설정 및 기타

SSL Certificate Installation :: Tomcat Web Server

SSL Certificate Installation in Tomcat

Installing The Certificates to the Keystore

  1. Download your Certificate files from your DigiCert Web-PKI Customer Account to the directory where your keystore (keystore.key) was saved during the CSR creation process. The certificate must be installed to this exact keystore. If you try to install it to a different keystore it will not work.

    The three certificates you downloaded must be installed to your keystore in the correct order for your DigiCert certificate to be trusted. If the certificates are not installed in the correct order, then the certificate will not authenticate properly. Use keytool to install all three, as follows:

  2. Install the Root Certificate file:

    Each time you install a certificate to your keystore you will be prompted for the keystore password, which you chose when generating your CSR.

    Type the following command to install the Root certificate file:

    keytool -import -trustcacerts -alias root -file TrustedRoot.crt -keystore keystore.key

    ** Note: Choose 'Yes' if you get prompted with a message that says "Certificate already exists in system-wide CA keystore under alias <entrustsslca> Do you still want to add it to your own keystore? [no]:"

    You will get a confirmation stating that the "Certificate was added to keystore"

  3. Install the Intermediate Certificate file:

    Type the following command to install the Intermediate certificate file:

    keytool -import -trustcacerts -alias digicert -file DigiCertCA.crt -keystore keystore.key

    You will get a confirmation stating that the "Certificate was added to keystore".

  4. Install the Primary Certificate file:

    Type the following command to install the Primary certificate file:

    keytool -import -trustcacerts -alias tomcat -file your_domain_name.crt -keystore keystore.key

    This time you should get a slightly different confirmation stating that the "Certificate reply was installed in keystore"

    If it asks if you want to trust the certificate. Choose y or yes.

    Your Certificates are now installed to your keystore file (keystore.key) and you just need to configure your server to use the keystore file.

Configuring your SSL Connector

Tomcat will first need an SSL Connector configured before it can accept secure connections.

**Note: By default Tomcat will look for your Keystore with the file name .keystore in the home directory with the default password changeit. The home directory is generally /home/user_name/ on Unix and Linux systems, and C:\Documents and Settings\user_name\ on Microsoft Windows systems. -- It is possible to change the filename, password, and even location that Tomcat looks for the keystore. If you need to do this, pay special attention to #8 of Option 1 or #5 of Option 2 below.

Option 1 -- Add an SSL Connector using admintool:

  1. Start Tomcat.
  2. Enter 'http://localhost:8080/admin' in a local browser to start admintool.
  3. Type a username and password with administrator rights.
  4. On the left select service (Java Web Services Developer Pack).
  5. Select Create New Connector from the drop-down list on the right.
  6. Choose HTTPS in the Type field.
  7. In the Port field, enter 443. This defines the TCP/IP port number on which Tomcat will listen for secure connections.
  8. Enter the Keystore Name and Keystore Password if your keystore is named something other than .keystore, if .keystore is located in a directory other than the home directory of the machine on which Tomcat is running, or if the password is something other than the default value of changeit. If you have used the default values, you can leave these fields blank.
  9. Select Save to save the new Connector.
  10. Select Commit Changes to save the new Connector information to the server.xml file so that it is available the next time Tomcat is started.

Option 2 -- Configure the SSL Connector in server.xml:

  1. Copy your keystore file (your_domain.key) to the home directory (see the **Note above).
  2. Open the file Home_Directory/conf/server.xml in a text editor.
  3. Uncomment the SSL Connector Configuration.
  4. Make sure that the Connector Port is 443.
  5. If your keystore filename is something other than the default file name (.keystore) and/or your keystore password is something other than default (changeit) then you will need to specify the correct keystore filename and/or password in your connector configuration -- ex. keypass="newpassword"

    When you are done your connector should look something like this:

    <Connector port="443" maxHttpHeaderSize="8192" maxThreads="150" minSpareThreads="25" maxSpareThreads="75" enableLookups="false" disableUploadTimeout="true" acceptCount="100" scheme="https" secure="true" clientAuth="false" sslProtocol="TLS" keystoreFile="/home/user_name/keystore.key" keypass="your_keystore_password" />

  6. Save the changes to server.xml.
  7. Restart Tomcat.

Installing your SSL Certificates in Tomcat Web Server

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